BT-Engineering Ltd.

The main profile of the company is consulting, design and engineering services.

Throughout the years we have used our extensive pool of highly qualified experts as well as our flexible approach to expand our knowledge base and offer a wide range of services in a variety of sectors. These currently include:


Waste management

The company has more than 15 years of experience in the field of household, industrial, inert and hazardous waste management. Our goal is developing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the handling, treatment and disposal of waste, including waste-to-energy and end-of-life technologies. Our consulting services and completed projects cover the entire range from planning and analysis to design, technical engineering services, financial/economic analysis, tender procurement and supervision to optimization of operation. In the recent past, we have participated in virtually all stages of the development of the national Bulgarian waste management systems.

That included developing the Waste Management Law and preparing feasibility studies and designs for many of the largest Waste management facilities in Bulgaria – including Sofia, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Razgrad, Nikopol and others. More recently, we participated in a myriad of small projects for assessing the morphological composition of the municipal waste. Currently, we are participating in several projects financed by EU funds, aiming at reducing the bio-waste via the construction of small-scale MBT plants.

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Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • Development of waste management investment plans and programmes.
  • Technical assistance and consulting services on national, regional and municipal level for development and implementation of waste infrastructural projects.
  • Waste Investment Projects Financial Modelling.
  • Study on the morphological composition of municipal waste;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, conceptual, technical, detailed designs for construction of municipal, industrial and hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities;
  • Designing the technology and equipment of Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities.
  • Design of closure and remediation measures for old municipal and industrial landfills.
  • Development of Construction Waste Management Plants;
  • Development of Operational manuals for Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities.
  • Development of operation and logistics systems for solid waste collection, transportation and utilization;

Collection and transportation of municipal mixed and separately collected household solid waste.

Water management

The company has more than 20 years of experience in planning, design and supervision of water and wastewater facilities both for household and industrial use. Our specialty focus is design of solutions for reusing process waters in a mining industry context. Currently, we are performing the functions of FIDIC engineer at the Vidin Waste-water treatment plant, similarly to several projects funded by EU funds in the near past – Burgas WWTP, Razgrad WWTP and Popovo WWTP. Additionally, during the 2007-2013 we have aided municipalities in procuring their Waste-water management projects performing the functions of external Technical assistance team.

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Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • Technical assistance and management of Project Implementation Units implementing investment projects, (including Construction of WWTP and transporting pipelines, rehabilitation and extension of WS&S network, pumping stations, etc.).
  • Preparation of Feasibility study for DWTPs, WWTPs, WS&S networks, etc. with alternatives for technical solutions, design of waste water treatment technologies;
  • Preparation of conceptual, preliminary, technical and detailed designs in the water and wastewater treatment sector, drafting Technical Specifications and elaborating tender documentation for construction works according to donors’ requirements –  FIDIC Conditions of Contracts, EC PRAG provisions, National legislation  
  • Development of feasibility studies, conceptual, preliminary, technical and detailed designs of industrial waste water, leachate and sludge treatment facilities, among which:
    • WWTP for treatment of leachate at large household waste management plants.
    • Hydro technical facilities and pumping station.
    • Sorption plants for extraction of heavy metals from industrial waters, water treatment and water return into the technology and production cycle.
    • Design of waste water treatment technologies for removal of heavy metals (Fe, Cu, Pb, U etc.)
    • Design of river management hydrotechnical facilities.
  • Water Investment Projects Financial Modelling

Consulting services in construction

The company has experience in performing the functions of an Engineer in construction supervision projects according to FIDIC contract terms and the Bulgarian Spatial Development Act (ZUT). Additionally, we prepare conformity assessment of investment projects with all relevant legislation. Some of the

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Below is a list of some of the services we provide:
Assessment of drawings, technical specifications and technical documents provided by Contractors,

  • Control of the execution of the contracts for construction and construction supervision,
  • Organization, control and acceptance of construction and assembly works
  • Financial management and investment control.
  • Revision and verification of works contracts’ expenses, verifying the payment requests and making claims for reimbursement of project funds;
  • Review and approve the working drawings prepared by the Contractor, supervise the works and approve all materials,
  • Settlement of the Contractor’s claims,

Design and Engineering

The company provides design and engineering services in the area of industrial and technical infrastructure construction. We have experience in providing services related to industrial contamination and risk management, assisting public and private companies in improving their current environmental performance by assessing elimination of past environmental damages and ensuring full compliance with the regulatory framework and best available techniques. We specialize in performing Environmental Impact Assessments according to the Bulgarian national laws as well as Environmental Due Diligence (phases I to III) according to the requirements of International donors such as the EBRD and the World Bank

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Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • Complex field measurements and studies aiming at developing: topo-geodetic pictures of the terrain; hydrological, hydrogeological and geological studies of the terrain; constructive evaluation of buildings and facilities, incl. separate constructions, roofs, etc. with the goal of their further use after repair and reconstruction;
  • Development of Feasibility studies, including development of scenarios for technological solutions with financial assessment, economic/financial comparison of the scenarios during the realization of new investment projects and/or modernization and reconstruction of existing facilities.
  • Development of investment designs phases: “Conceptual design”; “Technical design” and “Working design” according to Ordinance 4 to the Spatial Development Act (ZUT)
  • Development of work drawings and constructive drawings (KMD) in the construction/reconstruction of industrial halls, buildings or separate sections of them – columns, foundations, roofs etc. - completed contracts within the last 3 years during the construction of composting facilities in the cities of Plovdiv and Montana
  • Full engineering during design, construction and operations management
  • Environmental impact assessment of investment proposals and plans for development of municipal and industrial infrastructures.
  • Environmental due diligence & audits for industrial sites.
  • Inventory of contaminated sites, investigations with sampling and analysis, risk assessment, development of conceptual models, detailed design of remediation.
  • Designing environmental remediation action plans to eradicate past industrial and hazardous environmental damages.
  • Treatment technologies for industrial, hazardous and household waste.
  • Decommissioning strategies for industrial and mining sites. 
  • Assessing the compatibility of plans, programs, projects and investment proposals with the object and purpose of conserving protected areas (Natura 2000, etc.)
  • Environmental monitoring, sampling and analyses.
  • Development of Construction Waste Management Plants;
  • Environmental risk assessment and monitoring;
  • Conduction of EIA and IPPC Permits issuing procedures.

Environmental restoration

The company has experience in providing technical engineering services aimed towards closure, technical liquidation and biological remediation of industrial sites. In our work, we aim finding solutions that address the main issues facing environmentally disturbed sites – avoiding soil erosion, avoid dispersion of disposed pollutants and develop long-term sustainable solutions that try to restore the environment to its original state as far as reasonably conceivable.

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Below is a list of some task we have performed on past projects:

  • Stabilization of the damaged areas by vertical planning and redesign of the eroded remediated and non-remediated slopes and areas.
  • Technical solutions for avoiding the erosion and denudation through suitable direction of the surface water.
  • Avoid the dispersion of the disposed pollutants over the lands near the contaminated sites.
  • Eradication of the ecological risk and consequences for the environment.
  • Improving the existing landscape.
  • Ceasing air, water and soil pollution.
  • Developing in-situ closure and remediation technologies
  • Development of long-terms sites’ after-care and monitoring plans.

Mining industry

The company’s core services are concentrated in the mining sector. We have a thorough understanding of the procedures for developing natural resource deposits as well as the legal requirements for their further use.

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We have participated in all stages of the development and operation of mining sites – from the research and exploration of potential sites, Development of a technology for the extraction and primary processing, geological-economic and techno-economic assessment of the stocks, Concession analyses of deposits of mineral resources, Development of investment proposals and detailed designs for the extraction and primary processing of mineral resources, Preparation of a set of documents and conducting coordination and authorization procedures in accordance with the national regulations concerning territorial development and environmental protection, to: Development of investment projects for closure, technical liquidation and reclamation of damaged areas, stockpiles, tailing ponds; Development of mining waste management programmes; Management and treatment of mining waste water; Protection and restoration of the environment and management of waters in mining areas; Development of scenarios for decommissioning (closure and clean-up) of surface and underground mining infrastructures.


The company covers the whole geodata value chain, from data collection with aircraft or drones, production of base maps and elevation models, digitisation of analogue drawings and maps, data refining in the form of, e.g. geocoding of land registry information and flood maps, data analysis using webGIS solutions, and data visualisation, to IT solutions that support a variety of decision-making processes.


The company is a long-time member of several organizations: Bulgarian Association of Consulting Engineers and Architects (BACEA), International federation of consulting engineers (FIDIC), Bulgarian Mining and Geological Chamber (BMGK), where our representatives chair the permanent Environment and Finance commissions. We are also certified designer, member of the Chamber of the Engineers in the Investment Design (CEID). Additionally, we are licenced to perform conformity assessment of investment projects and independent construction supervision according to the Bulgarian/EU legislation.

We are certified by TUV Nord under the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.