The company

BT-Engineering is a Bulgarian company established in 1991. It specializes in consultancy, designer and engineering services in the fields of environment, mining and waste management.

The portfolio of completed projects and offered services include a wide spectrum of tasks in terms of scope and priority. We have experience with projects with national importance as development of strategic documents and amendments to laws and regulations. Most of our work is concerned with developing documentation for the realization of Investments proposals - starting from developing Feasibility studies, Application forms, Cost benefit analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, IPPC permits and continuing with the design (conceptual, technical and detail), supervision and technical assistance during the construction of facilities in the waste, water and contamination risk management and mining. 

We are active on the Bulgarian and International markets, where we participate in projects financed by the World Bank, EBRD and EU pre-accession funds dealing with projects in the NIS and Western Balkans regions. We have gained extensive experience in developing proposals evaluated highly according to the Bulgarian procurement laws, as well as the specific requirements and formats of the International financing institutions. 

The company’s first projects are directly involved with impact assessment, protection and restoration of the environment in and around uranium sites in Bulgaria, building upon the experience of its key experts – former employees of uranium extraction State Company “Redki metali”. We continue to perform Contamination risk management – from consultancy services for identification and prioritization of measures to design of facilities for reduction the risk of contamination and recultivation of polluted sites. Where applicable, we summarize the information using Geographic information systems, allowing for greater control and visualization of the planned and performed measures. 

The Company expanded its activities towards waste management services, establishing a team of former employees of the Ministry of Environment and Waters able to define and solve the issues of the different stakeholders in the sector.  The company has participated in the drawing up of the current Bulgarian Waste Management Law and in the design and supervision of some of the largest projects for waste management in the country. These include developing the feasibility study and conceptual design of the Sofia MBT plant producing RDF fuel, detailed designs for the Varna, Plovdiv, Nikopol, Haskovo and others all financed by ISPA and later by Operational programme “Environment 2017-2013”.  Currently, the company participates in several projects financed by OP “Environment 2014-2020” for the development of feasibility studies and designs for MBT plants and composting facilities. 

We perform Construction and Authors' supervision services according to the Bulgarian Territory Arrangement Act (ZUT) and the Engineer role according to the FIDIC contract conditions. We have a team with excellent knowledge of the current legislation and its application in conjunction with FIDIC contract conditions. The company has gained extensive practical experience in the construction supervision of complex facilities such as WWTP Targovishte, WWTP Popovo, WWTP Varna-Asparuhovo and the ongoing WWTP Vidin. We perform authors’ supervision on facilities designed by us – Waste management facilities, Industrial water management facilities and Facilities for extraction and processing of natural resources. 
We continue to be active in the fundamental sector for the company – the mining industry. We provide the whole spectrum of consultancy, legal and design services connected with obtaining of rights to extract natural resources, including designing extraction and processing facilities. Our clients include several developing gold deposits, deposits for construction materials, as well as the largest extraction companies in Bulgaria


BT-Engineering Ltd.

The main profile of the company is consulting, design and engineering services.

Throughout the years we have used our extensive pool of highly qualified experts as well as our flexible approach to expand our knowledge base and offer a wide range of services in a variety of sectors. These currently include:


The company is a long-time member of several organizations: Bulgarian Association of Consulting Engineers and Architects (BACEA), International federation of consulting engineers (FIDIC), Bulgarian Mining and Geological Chamber (BMGK), where our representatives chair the permanent Environment and Finance commissions. We are also certified designer, member of the Chamber of the Engineers in the Investment Design (CEID). Additionally, we are licenced to perform conformity assessment of investment projects and independent construction supervision according to the Bulgarian/EU legislation.

We are certified by TUV Nord under the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.